A New Direction

A New Direction: Change your thoughts, change your life!

A New Direction Life is changing faster than most of us can handle. In the past few months we have experienced the world shut down. Folks have been forced to stay at home. No art festivals, no craft shows,no gatherings. My normal way to manifest income. I have gifts, I have knowledge and it is time for me to create an online venue.

Many Blessings

I have experienced a lot of different emotions and have come out on top with so many Blessings. It is all perspective. What can I control and what can’t I? Time to pull it in folks. Time to notice what you are capable of controlling and what you are not. Time to mind your own business. Are you sitting around looking for someone to fix you or are you looking for solutions? Time to create. Time to honor your spirit and do what you came here to do. Be the Alchemist. The person who can change hate into love. Fear into Love. Find the thing inside you that makes you happy and do it.

When we all become who we are the world gets better.

What are you putting in your body, mind, and Spirit? I  chose to switch my diet for the time, to a plant based diet to eliminate the cravings. I got fed up carrying an extra 20 pounds of chips, sweets, and fat around. I knew I was satisfying my loneliness with unhealthy snacks and I was addicted to them. I looked in the mirror and said, “Sheila is it time you get your shit together.” It only takes one thought to make the change. Do what you love first and foremost.

What do I love? Nature! 

I started to work in the garden to produce good healthy plants for me to eat. That led me to get more exercise and stretching, which led me down the path to observing all the wonderful things that were happening in my yard. Each day was being filled with watching spring come alive. Birds nesting and teaching their young how to fly. Finding the first four leaf clover of the season, crossing paths with the resident turtles. noticing the calendula that self seeded itself to continue to give it’s healing abilities to the medicine we make together. All this and more in just my yard. There is nothing more rewarding than picking your first asparagus spear, or your first bowl or raspberries, or to pick the first pod of peas that opens like a package revealing it’s sweet morsels inside.

It is the simple things in nature that give us pleasure.

During this transition we all have to make changes. I was able to lose 23 pounds so far. I hope I can share my knowledge of starting new directions with you so you are able to Experience the magic of nature too. Change your thoughts and change your life.